The Aussie current is an electrical stimulus used to produce a muscle contraction in the place where it is applied. Thus, there may be improvement in muscle tone and sagging skin, and stimulate blood and lymph circulation and cell oxygenation, bringing good results for cellulite. But initially it was used for therapeutic purposes. This technology was developed by a professor from Australia, which justifies its name: "Aussie?" It is a colloquial term for Australian English.

Australian current

For have an effect on neuromuscular stimulation, the current Aussie is indicated for treatment of muscle toning, anti-sagging and reduction measures. In addition, it acts by stimulating local circulation (either blood or lymphatic), being very useful for treatments against cellulite.

The therapeutic use of Aussie Current involve muscle relaxation, reduction of edema and postoperative discomfort, recovery of function and Muscular combating pain.

The current must be applied to the site to be working, which may be the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. To conduct the current Aussie, use is made of electrodes of conductive silicone rubber placed where previously a neutral gel to facilitate conductivity of the current, which inserts are positioned in the muscle to be stimulated. They are fastened with an elastic band for increasing clamping.

The Aussie current is an alternating current, and works by exciting the nerves and causing muscle contractions. Therefore, the professional who applies this current know it's working when you observe the muscle contraction. The frequency ranges from 1 kHz to 4 kHz and motor stimulation to sensory stimulation or pain control, ie, the current is applied at an intensity that the patient can withstand.

The current is applied between 20 and 30 minutes, more than that the patient can not tolerate. This makes the complete session lasts up to 40 minutes. In general they are advised 10-15 sessions, which can be performed up to two or three times a week. Maintenance can take place once a month.

Ideally hold these treatments with trained professionals who can be physical therapists, beauticians and doctors.

The only care needed is to avoid doing weight training one day before the session in the areas to be treated to avoid muscle fatigue. The therapist before placing the electrodes, you should clean the area with mild soap and water, thus removing oil and possible skin fragments, thereby reducing resistance to the passage of electric current.

There is no need for any special precautions after treatment by the patient.

pacemaker carriers, heart problems, uncontrolled hypertension or hypotension, kidney problems and varicose veins are contraindicated to do this kind of treatment.

The application of Aussie current is contraindicated during pregnancy because it is not yet proven through scientific studies that treatment poses no risk to pregnant women and the baby.

By stimulating the contraction of striated muscle, the current Aussie improves muscle tone, helps to reshape the body, improves blood and lymph circulation, improves cellulite and reduction measures.

The two currents are alternating currents and average frequency. What differentiates the two currents are the frequencies used by each and the pulse duration. Scientific research shows that the therapeutic parameters adopted by the current Aussie reduce muscle fatigue and discomfort generated by the stimulation, making it a more effective and comfortable treatment for the patient than the current Russian.

balanced diet The results of this treatment are much greater if the patient is eating well, reducing factors that increase the concentration of localized fat, such as fried foods, sugars and saturated fats. Moreover, reducing the amount of sodium, for example, very helps reduce fluid retention. And sodium is not only present in the salt, it is very common processed foods, even sweets like sandwich cookies, powdered juices and soft drinks.

Regular physical activity No use, increase the amount of physical activity will always be mentioned when it comes to health and a more beautiful body. The use of the muscles facilitate the maintenance of the results of Aussie current, because the treatment creates a force that will soon be lost if the muscle is not used in a later exercise.

lymphatic drainage When this treatment is done soon after the current Aussie, and help the patient to relax, there is a better result in stimulating circulation, and consequent improvement of cellulite.


Dermatologist Helena Costa (CRM-RJ 5281778-3), a member of the Brazilian Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery

Beautician Gabriela Lacerda, clinical essendi, Rio de Janeiro