A tray with a whole chicken stuffed fills the eyes on special occasions and shows all his love and dedication at the time of preparing this meal. Here are a few options recipes with chicken stuffed the Seara separated for these moments:

This recipe brings lightness and pronounced flavor of the mushrooms to leave the roast chicken with potatoes even more tasty. Learn how to do!

Besides getting more filling, this boneless chicken is easier for children to eat, since they need not worry about the normal bones of this type of meat. Here's how to prepare this dish serving more than six people.

Chicken stuffed with broccoli is a way to make the dish even more beautiful, healthy and rich in protein. Here's how!

This recipe calls for raisins, lemons, almonds, ginger and honey and is a great option for those who like sweet and sour flavors. Learn how to make this baked chicken stuffed.