The stepped prone, popularly known as "step into"With support from the foot of the medial border, it is a rotational and postural change of the lower limb, which features a small arch on the sole, with the support held in the central region of the foot in contact with the ground.

The stepped supine, popularly known as "stepping out"With the support leg of the lateral edge, it is a rotational and postural change of the lower limb, which has a bow in the well marked sole, wherein the support of the lateral region (the outside) of the foot in contact with the ground.

Neutral trampled characterized by uniform support of the foot on the ground, does not present rotational deviations neither in nor out, to present a good plantar arch, favors the homogeneous distribution of body load.

a "pronator" You may have an excess of flexibility, causing instability of the foot and ankle. Also have the "flat foot", Which can help plantar fasciitis and even stress fractures in the foot bone and the tibia (leg bone). Over time people with flat feet can develop tendonitis in the foot and ankle. Usually people with this stepped also have curved knees in and can feel pain on the inside of the knee.

a "supinator" It has an arc rather sharp foot, also known as the hollow foot, which may favor ankle sprains, tendinitis of the leg muscles that fall below the knee - which are in constant tension - as well as retraction of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a tissue located on the sole (sole) when subjected to constant stress can cause pain and tissue inflammation called plantar fasciitis and heel spurs often. Usually people with this stepped also has curved knees out and can feel pain in these cases women may experience knee cartilage lesions (condropatias).

a "neutral" It has a perfect plantar arch, but this does not mean being free of injuries, many of the common injuries to pronators supinators and may also appear in a neutral, common being tendinitis and plantar fasciitis.

The running shoe is not intended to correct the type of trampled or protect from mechanical injury. Proper shoes for each type of trodden will provide comfort to the feet during the race and help absorb the impact of running.

Before choosing the shoes, it is ideal to know the kind of stepped to it an evaluation with specialized physiotherapist is required, which will postural evaluation and testing baropodometry platform.

After that, it will make tennis kind of indication to be used. Shoes have a neutral impact absorbing more homogeneous since the supinated shoes presents a greater support in the lateral region. just to give comfort to trodden. The pronated tennis is supported on the inside.

Use supinado tennis in pronators or pronator in supinators can cause excess load by injuries in regions that have no need for it. Neutral shoes are adapted in any situation. If in doubt always use the neutral shoes.