Pregnancy can cause certain aversion as well as increasing women's libido

Pregnancy is not only a natural consequence of sexual relationships, is also the realization of a dream for many couples. While it does not happen, sex happens freely, with the only guide rhythm, mood and preferences of the people involved. But as soon as it is realized, the thing tends to change figure and becomes a challenge back to what was once a time. "Since the beginning of the pregnant woman is identified with the fetus, making it more sensitive and vulnerable, constantly wanting protection and care. Of course, sex is no longer the focus of the relationship"Says psychotherapist and sexologist Magda Gazzi.

Some pregnant women suffer more intensely the discomforts of early pregnancy, thus losing interest in sex. Pregnancy symptoms like nausea, vomiting, sleep and emotional fragility end up compromising the couple's sex life. In the second trimester of pregnancy sexual desire tends to return or accentuate, mainly as a result of their own sensuality, which is most evidenced by the new forms. The body prepares to generate a new life becomes more winding, the avolumados breasts, her growing belly moves with the libido of women who come up against most often in thought vanquished about sex in pregnancy.


"Some men come to surprising behavior of their wives, because the figure of 'mother' suggests purity and holiness, and associated with being asexual. And then goes on to avoid physical contact with your partner as if it were 'sin' and incompatible with the situation of pregnancy"Explains psychotherapist.

The third quarter requires care, both for the wellbeing of the expectant mother as to the gap between the partners do not become irreversible. With the advanced pregnancy, pregnant women tend to suffer more discomfort. The grown belly changes the center of gravity and a lot of energy happens to be expended to keep balanced, literally. Therefore, the exercise such as Yoga or Tai Chi can be very useful in this period. In addition, the discomfort with her body, which begins to restrict some positions and fear of both moms and dads that sex bother the baby.

It is important to remember that pregnancy is also a time of discovery for the couple. What once worked well need to be revised. The goal is not to lose the intimacy, for this, remember that sex is not just penetration. Masturbation, oral sex and playing on the bed are an alternative if you feel difficulty to find a position that makes her comfortable. At the last minute it is worth remembering that the best positions are those that leave the free belly. Stand aside or use a pillow to support the belly can help. Most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment which gives more pleasure.

Learn how pregnancy affects the sex drive - Photo: Getty ImagesLearn how pregnancy affects the sex drive

According to the therapist body awareness Sandra Bisawa, the practice of a quality sex holds the couple to face the changes of the period. "The couple who is willing to experience during pregnancy their full sexuality presents himself and his children with generous doses of harmony and joy generated by sound intimacy"He says.

Certainly pregnancy is a period that requires health care and well-being of women and baby. But, it takes a lot of care not to neglect the relationship and not fall into default behaviors. "Only about 10% of couples recover the sexual rhythm before the child's birth", Says Magda.

A healthy pregnancy goes also for the maintenance of sexual life. The ideal is to take the time to rediscover and strengthen the ties that bind you and your partner. The intimacy and the freedom to speak their will is crucial for after the baby is born and begin to grow.

If you have questions, call a professional to the east and search practices that put in touch with your own body. No one better than you to discover how to proceed before their desires and fears. Becoming a mother is part of being a woman, do not let go of this role and take the pregnancy to find out how to balance motherhood and sexuality.

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