Your posture is not the best and back pain seem endless. Besides r helps you lose weight (which already brings improvements to the column, which does not need to do so hard to stay aligned), the exercise has another effect: strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen, helping her back to enter on the line.

He found it strange strengthen the abdomen to straighten your back? But that's it: with the belly muscles strengthened, there is formation of a kind of retaining wall to column, which does not bow seeking to offset the lack of support.

"Sitting or standing, simply, are movements that cause troublesome when the column is impaired"Says personal trainer and specialist mylife, Ivaldo Larentis. "A certain number of training, however, can help fight this evil". 'Só be sure to consult an orthopedic before practicing the movements, especially if you are in pain. If there is any inflammation, you must first treat it with medication and rest.

After this phase, it's time to act. The series below, assembled by Ivaldo comes at whim for those who are looking for an impeccable posture. The pain will go away, the belly will seem smaller and even digestion wins (with the spine in place, their organs are not under pressure and can work more efficiently).

1. Pull front (It is done in a specific unit where you sit and pulls a bar towards the shoulders). "This exercise helps in placing the spine in the correct position, keeping the chest stewed. It also strengthens the muscles to maintain the natural posture, preventing pain in the dorsal thoracic region"Explains Ivaldo. The exercise can be done with different weights and is recommended for men and women.

2. Remada (With open arms, you pull the bar toward the chest). "The stroke and to maintain posture in the ideal position, strengthens the shoulders so that they are always aligned with the cervical"Says personal. "It also prevents the shoulders from moving forward to maintain the normal posture."

3. Pull on the high pulley, with hands in supination (Like the front pulled, but here the arms are positioned on the edge of the bar). "Exercise helps increase the dorsal muscles and maintains the elongated dorsal muscles due to the movement, a great option for those who want to keep the ideal posture"Explains the expert of mylife.

4. Abdominal 90 degrees (Lying on your back, you form an angle of 90 degrees between the thighs and torso. Going up the trunk, you try to slope the chest on his knees). The exercise strengthens the abdomen, preventing injuries in the lumbar region and assisting in the effort of supporting the weight of the chest.

5. lumbar hyperextension in bank (With the body supported to the navel limit, an inclined base, you tilt the body and back to the stems position). This exercise strengthens precisely the lower back, usually one of the most affected with pain. But it takes careful when running it. "The ideal is to have the supervision of an instructor, since the wrong execution can cause serious risk of injury"Warns Ivaldo Larentis.

6. Stretching: the personal explains that to ensure results, you need to worry about stretching. He is also responsible for ensuring that the spine is aligned, without providing pain and ensuring an enviable position. "Finally all these exercises is ideal finish the series with a good stretch. Start lying face up on the ball stretching and stretch the body, at its limit. After holding at a high bar. Hang out without letting your feet touch the ground. These stretches help improve circulation and mobility of movement required by the spinal column", ends.

As complicated name!

If you got confused with the names of the exercises, do not worry. They are all well-known of his gym teacher. Take the list to him and offer the series as suggestions on improving your posture, asking directions to the charges. Ideal for training aimed at improving posture is to have professional support, because the risk of injury is very high.