To dress safely, first, you need to know what suits you and your personality. As you know, it becomes easier to understand combinations and, therefore, self-confidence will only grow. Next, check out the seven major feminine styles, identify and observe the tips!

Romantic style

- Gentleness, friendship, femininity, fragility.

- antique pieces are highlighted in the decoration of your home.

- His clothes reflect the delicacy of their way of being.

- Like pastels, soft colors, frosted or clear.

- Likes things handmade lace, embroidery and crochet.

- Adora fluttering parts, with movement and lightness.

- Ruffles, bows, ribs in pieces like dresses and skirts are to your face.

- Delicate floral prints and a lot to attract.

- Very fond of accessories with small details and an ancient air, loves sandals.

- Not abuse of colors in makeup, but is always made up, with flowing hair also are his favorite, so it keeps the longose ​​average.

Tip: If you are romantic, dare in dresses and long skirts fluid trim, is beautiful and instantly translates the essence of his style. Beware the hype with little animal prints, pink, bows, everything at the same time, it can bring a very childish appearance.

Expressive style

- Creative, desencanada, eccentric, traveled.

- Makes your home a creative and welcoming place, loves to read and loves to travel.

- Loves the hippie-chick look and ethnic or convey a citizen image of the world and politicized.

- Very fond of colors and textures, embroidery, fringes.

- Not afraid to dare the mixture of colors and even the mix of prints.- Do not be intimidated in the use of accessories, use several at once and loves this mixture.

- Betting on long hair and heavy makeup.

Tip: The excesses are striking features of his personality and look good on only those who really can afford this style. By mixing prints, let a piece of clothing from the other, without appearing totally changed the context. To comply with this rule, the colors or prints should talk. For example, skirt plaid navy blue with pink striped blouse and navy blue, or large and fine flowers that are of the same family. This avoids the gap in the garment.

Natural style

- Practice, open, green and carefree.

- Air who is at peace with life, full of enthusiasm and enjoys being in touch with nature.

- Never exchange comfort for beauty, always casual pieces and prefer a thousand times a low jump.

- When you need to fix, avoid the hype, rather simple and without accessories.

- Like flat pieces, neutral colors, natural fibers.

- Never exchange market, not into makeup and gives preference to short hair that are more practical.

Tip: Natural is a lover of jeans with blouse plaid, natural fiber fabrics and a more peaceful look, but do not let that air of someone who just woke up and came out with the clothes and hair without combing take care of you. At any time you may come across an important opportunity in your life and no one will take seriously a person with characteristics as uncommitted to the image itself.

Sports style

- Relaxed, young, agile, enthusiastic, practical and full of friends.

- With its relaxed air, he prefers casual clothes, has a lot jeans in her closet, used also for occasions where you need to present a more well-groomed figure.

- Basic t-shirts are also part of your favorite pieces.

- Opts for light fabrics that allow more movement, smooth and straight prints, and like much of a sweatshirt.

- Likes bright, cheerful colors.- Uses simple accessories, is not adept high heel shoes and pairs are his passion.

- discreet makeup and short, medium hair, easy to care for, are usually your options.

- People sporting style are ready for sport practice anytime.

Sexy style

- Powerful, bold, exuberant and unsophisticated.

- Is aware of its magnetism, is not intimidated by challenges.

- Values ​​his body with her clothes, almost always fair, necklines, slits, transparencies and glares. These elements makes you feel good and always attracting stares.

- She loves bright colors, especially red, black and Pink.

- Enjoys a very pattern animal - jaguar is his favorite, even for underwear.

- Usually wear lingerie as basic piece to be exposed.

- Super proud to hair, skin and makeup.

Tip: ask for Accessories and movements are large, pendants, rings, several bracelets. Heels are essential to put it the view even more. Caution: to be sexy not to be vulgar, for what is suggested is much more interesting than the displayed. If you choose to slit skirt, moderate neckline, opting for short, take it easy in the fair.

Dramatic style

- Innovative, challenging, strong, exaggerated and intimidating.

- Not mind being noticed or take risks, has unique style.

- Like strong colors and loves black, is challenging combinations.

- Cares about the different in your clothes and accessories, always enjoying the super or ultra - super wide, ultra long super collar, sleeve ultra, super graphic prints and bold, ultra contrasts.

- Pull fashion film and TV to use it before the others, sets trends.

- Modern and innovative haircut, sometimes exaggerates the makeup.

- Accessories, shoes, purse and bijoux are always dramatic and comes to appear.

- Dramatic much like a geometric pattern, bright colors, always dress as for a theatrical performance.

- They aim to exclusivity, want to be unique and do not care to call attention to his eccentric dress.

Classic style

- Reliable, stable, mature, conservative, predictable and rigid.

- Does not like to attract attention even by the clothes, prefers pieces of simple and timeless forms. If there are details that are subtle. Quality is always more important than quantity.

- Appreciates the good cut and good fabric.

- Opt for muted colors, neutral tones and smooth with no prints.

- Concerned to dress appropriately for all occasions.

- It has few accessories, soft makeup, haircut with clean lines.

- Easy to dress for work and more formal occasions.