You've lost weight with diet, but a sudden the numbers shown in the balance not lower more. This framework has to name: Plateau effect, seen as a natural process faced by those who are losing weight, either with diet, or with exercise. The response for weight stagnation is the transformation of hormones that occurs in the body. "The body reacts finding that weight loss can be a sign of danger and temporarily blocks weight loss by increasing the release of hormones that act on the metabolism of slowdown"Explains endocrinologist José Castro Soares, from Unifesp.

The faster is going on the weight loss, the sooner the plateau effect come. Good advice is to restrict calories for a few days, always under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist, as each diet requires a specific consumption of calories. "Two days of calorie reduction usually reverse this effect, which can be exterminated five to six days"Advises the doctor.

Another tip is in any way make room for a sedentary lifestyle, as sports practice can speed up the metabolism again. As important as taking care of the physical is to pay attention on the emotional side. Stress and anxiety, common in relation to weight loss, can increase the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in the body, two hormones that increase fluid retention and the feeling of hunger.

Besides, who controls the weight with much anxiety, checking it all the time, tends to become more apprehensive. "Instead of weighing yourself every day, look over their forfeitures, because sometimes the weight increases due to the lean mass gain"Explains endocrinologist José Castro Soares

Knockout the plateau effect

According to personal trainer Fernanda Cristina de Andrade, who leads a sedentary life and starts to suddenly exercise will undoubtedly feel the closeness of the results, either in muscle mass in weight loss or loss of localized fat.

For those who put on weight, a good tip when the results stabilize it is to increase the number of exercises, always remembering to pay attention to the gym or personal trainer tips, because for each person, the charge and repetition are different. "There are no miracles. For those who came out of a sedentary lifestyle, the body does not show changes before three months or about 20 training sessions. From there, the body begins to ask the exercise, but the results often take a 'stuck' in the sixth month"Explains the personal.

For those who practice other forms, increase the frequency of trip to the gym. "Many years ago, the World Health Organization recommended exercises three times a week and 30 minutes a day. But today we know that recommended for the non-professional athletes are up to six times a week"Says Fernanda. As important as the frequency is not overload a muscle group, the muscles worked alternating between days of the week.