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Interactive Features in Online News

online news

Today’s online news environment enables the creation of interactive news features to supplement mainstream news sites. In addition to enabling users to share opinions, news sites can also feature external hyperlinks, functional interactivity, and divergent multimedia. However, online news sites must be aware that integrating these features could compromise editorial organization patterns, existing journalistic ways, and editorial norms.

What you should know about online news ?

Originally, online newspapers were limited to the web, but the concept has since grown in scope and size. For example, the Chicago Tribune launched an online newspaper service in 1992. This was the first attempt to produce a full-fledged online newspaper. In 1995, CNN appeared on the Internet as a global news engine, and in April 2001, editor & publisher interactive registered 12,878 news publications online.

As digital display advertising continues to provide disappointing returns, more outlets are turning to subscriptions or membership schemes to monetize their online news. Some studies suggest that consumers may even be willing to pay for an online news experience that aggregates multiple news brands. To successfully charge for online news, outlets will need to improve their quality of content, brand value, and convenience.

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