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The Growing Popularity of Online News


online news

In 1999, a survey of Dutch online journalists found that six out of ten of them thought it was essential for news sites to build a strong interactive relationship with their audience. While this may sound like a good thing, it can also create problems. As a result, there are now multiple types of news sites available.

For example, online news often lacks the personalization and context that many people enjoy. In addition, it is usually free. While many people may be able to access online newspapers, few understand how the news is produced and published. Consequently, a Marxian perspective might view online news as the ultimate in alienation from process.

What you should know about online news? 

The evolution of the island now news can be traced to the rise of Internet technology. In the early 1990s, the first internet-based newspapers started to be published. The Chicago Tribune, for example, began publishing its online news service on America Online. The Internet had only recently become widespread in the Western world, but by 1995, there were more than a thousand news sites available online.

While online news continues to increase its popularity, it is becoming less accessible to the average person. Despite the fact that online news is widely available and inexpensive, many people still prefer print newspapers. Moreover, most people do not have time to read newspapers. Instead, they follow news websites and web portals to stay informed. However, electronic media has its own set of problems. While it is more affordable than print media, it isn’t always as up-to-date as print media.