Browsing Day: August 8, 2023

A Career in Sports Broadcasting

A sports broadcaster is Royaltv responsible for reporting live on-air on sporting events in real time. They must be knowledgeable about the game and its players, able to describe the action as it happens and have a unique voice to capture the feeling of the event for viewers and listeners. Many aspiring broadcasters begin their careers at small radio or television stations in tiny markets and spend years working behind the scenes before they ever get a chance to speak on air. The lucky few that break into this industry eventually move on to larger stations in more populated areas.

As traditional music radio continues to decline and network TV is losing advertising revenue, sports broadcasting on TV and Radio is enjoying a renaissance. In addition, professional athletes are reaching a celebrity-like level of fame and raking in endorsements.

The Impact of Virtual Reality on Sports Broadcasting

This makes it an opportune time to consider a career in Sports Broadcasting. Whether you want to do play-by-play, talk show hosting, or work on the production team, this is a field where having the right undergraduate and graduate education is critical to positioning yourself for success.

There are a number of top universities that offer Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs in Sports Broadcasting or Communication & Journalism. Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications has graduated some of the most celebrated sports journalists in the business and offers a dual Bachelor’s Degree program in Broadcast & Digital Journalism as well as a graduate degree in Communication & Journalism.