A Pomeranian For Sale in Singapore

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Pomeranian for sale in Singapore are energetic little dogs that have a lot of love to share with their owners. They are also naturally curious and can get easily excited when they see other dogs. They do not need a lot of outdoor exercise but would like to take long leisurely walks or jogs with their owners if they can. Having said that, they are inherently companions dogs and would prefer to spend most of their time at home with their families.

How much is a real Pomeranian?

This toy dog breed is one of the best HDB-approved dogs to own in Singapore because they do not require large living spaces and are relatively easy to train. Their innate traits of being loyal and cuddly, just like a teddy bear, make them the perfect pet for older people who cherish loyalty in their pets or singles who appreciate the company of a companion.

While they are lovable pups, they can be a bit bossy at times. They are highly suspicious of strangers and will bark aggressively if they think their owner is being threatened. It is recommended to enroll them into obedience training at a young age to curb their natural tendency to bark.

Due to their small size and sensitive teeth, they should only be fed a high-quality diet that is low in fat and contains a good proportion of proteins. Proteins can be found in lean meats such as chicken and beef, fish, eggs and dairy. They should also be given vegetables and fruit as part of their daily meals.

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