Buy Sleeping Pills Online Uk

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buy sleeping pills online uk

Buy Sleeping Pills Online Uk

The use of buy sleeping pills online uk  as benzodiazepines (or “benzos”) for more than a few weeks can lead to addiction, and they are only available on prescription in the UK. However, they are increasingly being bought online – without a prescription – which is illegal and exposes users to risks such as drug misuse. A London hospital has warned about the issue.

Buying Sleeping Pills Online in the UK: Convenience, Safety, and Best Practices

It costs the NHS around PS50m a year to keep us in sleeping pills, but strong drugs such as benzodiazepines and so-called “Z-drugs” are only available on prescription. But they are becoming increasingly popular, especially as people struggle to get to sleep during the pandemic.

A new study of internet users has found evidence of an increasing number buying zopiclone, which is used to treat severe insomnia but can also be addictive, from online vendors. Zopiclone Direct UK is one such vender and has been praised for its fast delivery using domestic shipping services in the UK. The website only chooses certified manufacturers, to ensure customers are receiving high-quality products.

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