Different Types of Garden Edging Systems

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Garden Edging Systems

There are many options for your customers to choose from when it comes to lining lawns and outlining garden beds. Some materials are long-lasting and durable, while others are eye-catching and attractive for their aesthetic appeal. Whatever your customer is looking for in their edging, you can help them find something that fits their landscape design and suits their budget.

Metal edging is one of the longest-lasting landscape products on the market, and creates a perfect blend for just any landscaping project  it is also the most versatile. It can be galvanized or powder-coated, or even left to rust naturally for a striking and on-trend look. It is also available in a range of heights, which makes it ideal for creating a sharp line between gravel, rock, or loose hardscaping elements and the lawn.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Garden Edging System

Plastic edging is a relatively new and growing category of garden edging, and it can give a landscaped lawn a clean and polished aesthetic with very little effort. It is available in a wide range of shapes and colors, which can be coordinated with the overall garden design. It is easy to install, and it can be molded or pushed into the ground for a more secure fit. It is also often designed to connect together, and some products offer a range of accessories for this purpose.

Stone and concrete are both highly durable and incredibly versatile garden edging materials. They can be installed in a wide variety of ways, and they suit all landscape styles from traditional to modern. They are a popular choice for homeowners who want a more refined and elegant look for their landscapes, and they are particularly effective at deterring weeds by providing a physical barrier between them and the healthy lawn.

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