Got a Text About Money From the IRS? It’s a Scam

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With tax season in full swing, the IRS is warning taxpayers to beware of scammers impersonating the agency via text messages. The IRS says text message scams involving COVID-19 and refund payments have been on the rise. The IRS is also warning that people should not click links or open attachments in unsolicited, suspicious or unexpected texts claiming to be from the IRS.

Will IRS send you a text message?

The IRS will never contact you via text or email to discuss personal matters, especially ones related to your taxes. The agency says it usually mails several letters before calling. If it does call, the agency says it will never leave a prerecorded voicemail or threatening message. The agency will also never ask you to pay using a prepaid debit card or other suspicious payment methods, such as wire transfers and iTunes cards.

Got a text about money from the IRS A real IRS letter will be sent in an official government envelope that contains the agency’s logo. The agency also will not demand immediate payment or threaten you with arrest for not paying your tax bill. The agency will also allow you to question or appeal the amount you owe.

The agency is urging people to report any suspicious text messages they receive by using the IRS’s Report a Phishing or Smishing page. The agency also is recommending that people use only one phone number for their IRS account and to never share their IRS password with anyone.

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