Hiking NZ With a Private Guide

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private hiking NZ

Hiking in NZ is beautiful and scenic, but you may have a difficult time finding a private hiking NZ guide. Hiking in groups can be frustrating because slower hikers hold up faster ones. Private guides can help you avoid these problems by going at your own pace. Plus, they will be able to show you the best spots and make sure you’re not lost. Plus, they won’t let you get lost, so your trip will go much more smoothly. Click here – ahipara.com

Experienced Guides Can Help You Plan A Customized Itinerary Based On Your Personal Preferences

A private hiking guide is an excellent option for anyone who wants to explore the country’s most beautiful landscapes. Hikers who opt for a private hiking tour can get to know the locals, ask questions, and help protect the natural areas. Hiking on private property is also a great way to help conserve some of New Zealand’s most beautiful landscapes. Many private properties are owned by Maori tribes or are part of large ranches.

Some hiking routes can take you through protected UNESCO world heritage sites. For example, a heli-hiking trip to the Franz Josef Glacier is an exciting option. If you’re able to avoid the rain and snow, you can opt to hike in the area and camp under the Ballroom Overhang. This scenic route will give you a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try kayaking or cycling in between hiking.

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