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Out of Control Government Spending:

In no time at all, this new administration (with Dennis Cardoza’s support) has spent trillions of dollars and endangered our economic security.  It has bailed out banks and private businesses, wasted hundreds of billions more for a stimulus package that only stimulated unemployment and now is trying to spend over a trillion dollars more to take over the healthcare system.

This is wrong and must stop.  I will vote to put the brakes on spending again and again and again.  By defeating Dennis Cardoza we can cut up Nancy Pelosi’s credit card and force government to be responsible with the people’s money again.

No amount of local pork barrel projects can justify the irresponsibility displayed by the incumbent in voting for these bills.


By increasing storage and taking on extreme environmentalists who are holding our Valley hostage, we can begin to address the issue that is critical to our economy and working families.

The federal government needs to not only reform the Endangered Species Act but stop taking water for large flushing flows that supposedly benefit the “endangered” Steelhead fish that has never been seen in our local waterways.  I will be the voice of the people of the 18th district, not special interests that continue to devise more creative schemes to steal our water.

My background as a farmer and Director at Turlock Irrigation District has given me a strong understanding of water and the importance of protecting it.


Having served two terms on my local school board, I have seen how important it is to maintain local control of our schools with minimal interference from bureaucrats in the federal government.  I support grants to states to provide local districts with the tools to accomplish what they feel is important instead of bureaucrats.  This will allow local school boards the ability to do what they feel is important, from lowering class sizes or updating materials to increasing salaries to get better teachers.

We need to provide our children with a modern education system that will equip them to compete in tomorrow’s job market.  Whether their choice is college, vocational training, or the armed forces we need to provide them with the best education possible that will benefit them and our nation for generations to come.


The problem with healthcare is too much bureaucracy and not enough competition.  Unfortunately, Dennis Cardoza supported the government takeover of healthcare that would cost over $1 trillion, raise taxes, stifle competition and make criminals of anyone who doesn’t want to buy insurance.  We need to focus on creating more choices in healthcare, not taking them away.  How can a government that spends hundreds of dollars for a simple hammer keep costs down and reduce bureaucracy?

By increasing competition across state lines, reigning in trial lawyers, allowing individuals and companies to pool their buying power and securing our border to reduce costs of illegal immigration on the system we can begin to bring costs down.  The amount we save can be targeted to paying for those who cannot get insurance from pre-existing conditions.

By making the system efficient, fair and more free market oriented we can maintain our high quality of health care and keep government and insurance companies from making decisions that should be left to patients and their doctors.

Second Amendment:

I am a proud supporter of the Second Amendment and the rights of law-abiding citizens to own and carry firearms.  This is a fundamental right that must be protected.

Government Bailouts:

It’s time to stop the practice of bailing out private businesses with tax dollars.  This is wrong and invites corruption, which is still a problem in Congress.  I will vote against any bailout of private industry, be it AIG, auto companies or newspapers.  Living in a free society means having to compete and rewarding failure only hurts our economy in the long run.  Government should be using that money to pay down debt which will lower interest rates and make it easier for families to buy homes and businesses to expand and hire more employees.


I have proudly signed the pledge by American for Tax Reform to not raise taxes on the American people.  The American people are already taxed to the breaking point and we need to provide working families with relief, not more taxes.  My opponent continues to vote for higher taxes even after first campaigning as a tax cutter.  He even supported the disastrous “Cap and Tax” which would put working families’ utility bills through the roof and cost thousands of hard working Americans their jobs.

Offshore Oil Drilling: 

It is vital that we explore new energy technologies if we are to remain the world’s leading industrial power but common sense dictates caution.  We cannot flip a switch and convert our energy needs to new technology overnight.  Oil will continue to fuel our economy while new discoveries are made and brought online.  Our country has vast resources of oil sitting off our coast, hidden in the frozen tundra of Alaska and in the shale rock of Colorado.  We need to harvest these resources in a safe and environmentally sound manner in order to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.  This is a national security issue of paramount importance.