Retaining Walls Mornington

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Retaining walls Mornington are a popular feature to help keep your garden level or carve out space for other areas like a patio or pool. They’re also useful for preventing erosion and allowing for drainage.

Retaining Walls Mornington Peninsula | Concrete & Timber

The cost of retaining walls is largely determined by the design and materials used, as well as location. Some retaining walls work better in certain soil types than others, so it’s important to get a geotechnical report from your contractor to determine the best solution for your property.

Walls made from concrete, brick or stone will typically cost between $30 and $50 per square foot. Decorative blocks, cap pavers or wall curves can increase the price significantly.

Panel retaining walls are another type of wall that can be built to your specifications. These are usually used in tight spaces and may have to support heavy loads.

Cantilever retaining walls are also commonly used and are often constructed from reinforced concrete, with an L-shaped, or inverted T-shaped foundation that sits under the backfill. This allows the vertical stress behind the wall to transfer onto the base, preventing it from toppling due to lateral earth pressure.

Rock retaining walls are also a popular choice to provide stability and prevent soil erosion. They’re more expensive than concrete and wood, but they’re aesthetically pleasing as well as strong and durable. They can be incorporated into your landscape to create a cohesive design that’s perfect for your home.

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