Should You Use a Tax Return Service?

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tax return service

If you need help filing your taxes, you may want to consider using a tax return service. Using a tax return service allows you to do your taxes at a lower cost than filing on your own. Some services offer free help and others charge a small fee. You may choose a tax return service based on its quality, price, or other factors. In addition, some services offer additional benefits, such as expert-approved tax advice.

Help You Prepare Your Tax Returns Without Incurring Additional Expenses

E-files are typically done electronically by IRS-certified VITA/TCE volunteers. They utilize software to ensure accuracy and double-check each return to ensure accuracy. Taxpayers are given an opportunity to ask questions before signing the authorization. The IRS will process their returns, but if there are errors, site management will contact them so they can make the corrections. Typically, e-files are completed within 30 days. Whether you choose a tax return service or file your taxes yourself, you should ask for a sample of your return.

Another great option is using free tax software. Most tax software offers a searchable knowledge base and FAQ section. Some also have user forums, video tutorials, and expert tax advisors. Another significant differentiator between tax software and a tax return service is whether or not they offer live assistance from a tax professional. Tax pros can offer tax advice and review your returns, but they can also charge for their services. While most people don’t need tax help from a human, a tax return service can help you prepare your tax returns without incurring additional expenses.

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