Types of Phone Cases

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Phone cases are a necessary accessory for anyone who uses their phone regularly. The right case can keep your phone safe from a number of dangers, including physical damage and identity theft. The type of case you need will depend on how and where you use your phone. You’ll find cases that are slim and lightweight, heavy-duty and protective, or a mix of both.

Do phone cases affect charging?

Slim CaseFace let you show off the design of your phone and offer protection from minor drops. This no-frills model from Mkeke is made with a hard PC rear and a flexible TPU frame, meaning it should protect your phone against everyday accidents and impacts. Raised bezels keep your screen safe from damage, and precise cutouts make it easy to access ports and buttons.

A few years ago, premium leather cases were all the rage, but as manufacturers thin the material, it has become hard to distinguish one from another. The best ones are made from full-grain or top-grain leather and feature a matte finish, which is less likely to snag on fabric and collect lint.

These cases are often called Goldilocks cases because they’re not too thin, not too thick and try to balance precision and protection in a cover that elevates your phone rather than making it look like a 00’s flashback. They’re also usually made from silicone, which is inexpensive, grippy but doesn’t stretch and snag easily on clothing, and can resist heat.

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