What Are Wet Pour Surfaces?

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Wet Pour Surfaces

When you spend a lot of time and money on playground surfacing, it’s no surprise that people want to ensure it lasts. However, with kids and other people trampling on it every day, wear and tear will happen sooner or later. This is where Wet Pour Surfaces can help.

Wet pour is an impact-absorbing rubber surface that can be installed on various types of base materials. It can be used to create MUGAS, daily mile tracks or as a general surfacing solution for schools, nurseries, community centres and even residential gardens.

It’s made of two layers, a base shock pad and then a top layer which is typically coloured. The base layer is normally created using recycled tyres, this is a great way to repurpose a product that would otherwise be incinerated and also reduce costs for the client.

Wet Pour Safety Surfacing: A Must-Have for Childcare Centers

The coloured layer is mixed in with the crumb and polyurethane binder on site, this can be done to any shape or design. Educational aids and games can be incorporated into the surfacing to spark children’s imagination. The wet pour can be laid to different thicknesses depending on the play equipment and varying Critical Fall Heights.

The key benefit of wet pour is that it’s a porous system and it absorbs rainwater throughout the year, this means it can withstand more rainfall than other surfaces. The only downside is that the material can crack or shrink over time, but this is easily fixed by carrying out regular proactive maintenance as the owner of the surfacing.

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