Women Gym Leggings

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women gym leggings

When buying a pair of women gym leggings, look for a fabric that’s stretchy, breathable and soft against the skin. Also look for a waistband that offers the right amount of coverage (not so loose it rolls down during movement or needs to be constantly tugged back up) and a pocket where you can store keys, a phone or cash.

The best women gym leggings will also be squat-proof and have a soft, smooth feel, says Akesha from Body Concepts in London. “The best pair sit flat on the stomach, are tight enough to offer a held-in feel and have a double-support waistband with back and inside pockets.”

From Stretch to Strength: Embrace Performance and Fashion with Women’s Gym Leggings

If you want to wear your leggings for other types of exercise, like running or cycling, a high-waisted style can give you more coverage. “You want something that won’t ride up or get snagged on your bike parts and doesn’t pinch or dig in,” says Ava Monroe, co-founder of London-based fitness brand Your Day Won. This pair of leggings has a high waistband for that ‘gym selfie’ look and a comfy, stretchy fabric with 3-D nubs that massage the legs and improve circulation, plus they come in a range of squat-proof colours.

This pair of affordable leggings has been rated five-star on Amazon by thousands of reviewers, including Janine O, who says they’re comfortable and warm for all workouts but especially for HIIT classes and boxing. They’re squat-proof and show little to no sweat during a workout, she adds. Also, they’re ethically made – the brand minimises water use and packaging and pays its workers living wages.

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